Stories from Finnish History

Once Upon Time in the North

Once upon a time, in a country far far away, everything was covered in ice. This might sound like a typical February weather in Finland. But no, situation was much more worse 15,000 years ago. Back then everything, and I really mean everything was covered by a thick layer of snow and ice. The layer was so thick, that we could call it a glacier. This was during the Last Glacial Period (about 115,000 – 12,000 years ago)

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Sunset in Helsinki, Finland
Finland is...

Finland is a Big Small Country

Finland is quite large if you compare it to the other European countries. With the total land area of 338,440 km² (131,991 square miles) Finland is the eight largest country in Europe. But compared to eastern neighbor Russia, which covers over 17 million square kilometers, Finland feels almost tiny.

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