About Finland Portrait

Welcome to visit Finland Portrait!
This website’s modest objective is to show you what Finland is all about!

That might be easier said than done, because the more we start to talk about Finland, more topics come up. The range of topics seems almost endless; from art to work, from history to modern day, from language to holiday traditions.

Finland Portrait started originally just as a simple photgraphy project. To capture Finland in photos. That’s all. But after a while, it felt something was missing. Although Finland looks amazing in photos, the story needed to be told also. And that’s why the articles took over this site. However, there will be also photography articles, especially in the Beauty of Finland section.

Everything About Finland

So, if you are interested to find out more about Finland, you have come to the right place. Learn about the Finnish country, history, people, nature, lakes, forests, food, holiday traditions, sports, famous Finns, Finnish products, interesting places to visit in Finland, or about the language, which is said to be one of the hardest to learn.

The journey has only begun, so visit our website regularly to find out what’s new on the site.

Best Regards, Jamess

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