6 Charming Towns on the South Coast

If you’re planning a summer trip to a Finnish seaside town, you have found your destination!

Porvoo, charming south coast town in Finland

If you are looking for ideas for a day trip or a longer vacation in Southern Finland, look no further. In addition to the well-known Helsinki, Turku and Kotka, there are many cool seaside towns that are definitely worth exploring. Here are six charming towns on the south coast of Finland that are must-visit destinations, especially in summer!

6 Charming Towns on the South Coast of Finland


Our first destination Tammisaari is located in the town of Raseborg, about an hour away from Helsinki. The history of Tammisaari began in 1546, when the King of Sweden Gustav Vasa granted city rights to Tammisaari. In addition to its many nature destinations, the most charming place in Tammisaari is its old town. You can take a walking tour along the seashore and narrow alleys, and admire the old wooden houses, many of which date from the 18th and 19th centuries. Go visit parks, small shops, cafes and restaurants. And when in Tammisaari, remember to also visit the ruins of Raseborg Castle, which is located not far from Tammisaari.


If you travel further south, you will find another amazing destination. Hanko is located about half an hour away from Tammisaari on the southern tip of the Hanko peninsula. This is as far south as you can go, as Hanko is the southernmost place in Finland, excluding islands. With its long sandy beaches, small shops and excellent restaurants, Hanko is a perfect summer destination. Don’t forget to visit Tulliniemi and hike a short distance to explore Finland’s most southern point.


Porvoo is a beautiful town about half an hour away from Helsinki. Especially the Old Porvoo (Vanha Porvoo in Finnish) is a very popular destination. Perhaps Porvoo could also be called chocolate town, because there are several chocolate makers and shops in Porvoo. And when you visit Old Porvoo, be sure to climb the hill to admire the Porvoo Cathedral, which dates back to late 13th century.


If you travel about half an hour towards east from Porvoo, there is another cool town destination. Especially Loviisa’s Laivasilta is worth a visit. At one time, Loviisa was an important port for foreign trade. At that time, there were around 50 wooden sheds where imported goods such as salt, tobacco and spices were stored. Today, some of these old sheds still exist. But unlike in the old days, these cool red sheds now house the Loviisa Maritime Museum, a restaurant, summer shops and art exhibitions. Another cool destination nearby is the Strömfors Ironwords (Strömforsin Ruukki in Finnish), and also the Svartholma Sea Fortress is only a short boat ride away.


Hamina is a beautiful seaside town in southeastern Finland. One of the unique features of Hamina is its circular streets within the old fortress. A fun way to get to know Hamina is to take a walking tour around the town center following the walls of the fortress. Another cool place to visit is the Tervasaari park and beach. Hamina is located right next to the city of Kotka, so why not visit both of these towns on a same trip…or better yet, make two trips to southeastern Finland and visit both Kotka and Hamina seperately. These town are both worth a trip!


Our last, but not the least destination is a beautul place in Turku Archipelago. There are many great destinations in the archipelago, but if you have to choose just one place to visit, then perhaps Nauvo is your destination. Nauvo is a small and charming island community. It is quite close to the city of Turku, but still far enough from the mainland to offer that perfect archipelago experience. Nauvo is located on an island, but is connected to the mainland by bridges and a 10-minute free ferry ride, so it is very easy to reach. Or perhaps this is just a starting point on your trip along the Archipelago Trail…