Learn Colors in Finnish
Learning Finnish

Learn the Colors in Finnish


Finnish language is easy to learn if we take it by small steps. Today we continue with the basics and learn about the colors. What are colors in Finnish?

What are Colors in Finnish

  • color = väri
  • colors = värit
  • shade = sävy
  • light = vaalea
  • dark = tumma

List of Colors in Finnish

  • white = valkoinen
  • black = musta
  • red = punainen
  • blue = sininen
  • yellow = keltainen
  • green = vihreä
  • orange = oranssi
  • brown = ruskea
  • pink = pinkki
  • purple = violetti
  • grey = harmaa

Light and Dark Colors

Light and dark colors are just as easy to learn in Finnish. Light in Finnish is vaalea and dark is tumma. And when connected with the color, they are written “vaalean” or “tumman”. For example dark red in Finnish is tummanpunainen. Just remember that in Finnish the words are written together. If you write them seperately, for example “tumman punainen” would mean “dark’s red”. But this is a mistake that even Finns make sometimes so don’t worry about it.

  • light red = vaaleanpunainen
  • dark red = tummanpunainen
  • light blue = vaaleansininen
  • dark blue = tummansininen
  • light green = vaaleanvihreä
  • dark green = tummanvihreä