10 Biggest Fish Caught in Finland

Usually fish caught in Finland are quite small, but there have also been some bigger ones.

Fishing is one of Finn’s favorite sports. Usually fish caught in Finland are quite small, but there have also been some bigger ones. Here are the 10 biggest fish caught in Finland in the 2000’s.

There have been many big fish caught in Finland, like the one in the photo, which probably weighted more than 30 kg (66 lbs). It is told that the biggest fish ever caught in Finland, was a sturgeon that weighted almost 180 kg (almost 400 lbs). It was caught in 1934. If there have been bigger ones, they haven’t been measured, or no-one remembers them.

Nowadays, the Federation of Finnish Fisheries Association and Finnish Federation for Recreational Fishing maintain the record fish registry. You can check the list of biggest fish from this link. And if you want to know what the fish species are in English, check this list of fish species are in Finnish.

10 Biggest Fish Caught in Finland

1. Cod 29.55 kg

  • Method: Fishing net
  • Location: Lemland, Ahvenanmeri (Sea)
  • Year: 2022
  • Finnish word for cod is turska

2. Salmon 27.4 kg

  • Method: Fish trap
  • Location: Lohtaja, Gulf of Bothnia (Sea)
  • Year: 2001
  • Finnish word for salmon is lohi

3. Carp 21.44 kg

  • Method: Torch Fishing
  • Location: Lohja, Hormajärvi (Lake)
  • Year: 2004
  • Finnish word for carp is karppi

4. Pike 18.8 kg

  • Method: Fishing net
  • Location: Ii, Oijärvi (Lake)
  • Year: 2009
  • Pike is hauki in Finnish

5. Pike-perch 14.09 kg

  • Method: Trolling
  • Location: Southern Finland
  • Year: 2013
  • Pike-perch is kuha in Finnish

6. Trout 13.115 kg

  • Method: Fishing net
  • Location: Pori, Gulf of Bothnia (Sea)
  • Year: 2016
  • Finnish word for trout is taimen

7. Burbot 8.05 kg

  • Method: Fishing net
  • Location: Iisalmi, Haapajärvi (Lake)
  • Year: 2018
  • Finnish word for burbot is made

8. Rainbow trout 9.66 kg

  • Method: Fishing net
  • Location: Sulkava, Lake Saimaa (Lake)
  • Year: 2008
  • Finnish word for rainbow trout is kirjolohi

9. Trout 10.42 kg

  • Method: Longline
  • Location: Inari, Lake Inari (Lake)
  • Year: 2014
  • Finnish word for trout is taimen

10. Salmon 12.4 kg

  • Method: Fishing net
  • Location:
  • Year: 2002
  • Finnish word for is lohi

Federation of Finnish Fisheries Association
Image by Martti Kesäniemi, 1928, Finnish Heritage Agency

10 Fun Facts about Fishing in Finland

Fun facts about fishing in a land of a thousand lakes

Fishing is a very popular sport in a land of a thousand lakes.
But did you know these fun facts about fishing in Finland?

10 Fun Facts about Fishing in Finland

1. Fishing Is Very Popular in Finland

Recreational fishing is very popular in Finland. There are about 1.5 million fishermen and fisherwomen in Finland, which means that about 27 percent of Finns enjoy fishing regularly.

2. In Finland it’s called “Kalastus”

In Finnish, fish is “kala” and fishing is “kalastus”. And when Finns go fishing, they say “mennä kalastamaan”. If you want to learn more Finnish words about fishing, check these articles; what is fish in Finnish and what is fishing in Finnish?

3. What Fish Species You Can Catch in Finland?

In Finnish waters, there are about 70 fish species, of which about 20 are fairly easy to fish. Some of the most common Finnish fish species are perch, bronze bream, pike-perch, salmon, pike, burbot, whitefish and vendace.

4. Perch is Finland’s National Fish

If you go fishing in Finland, there is a good chance that you’re first catch is a perch. Perch is very common in Finland. It is also the Finland’s national fish.

5. Angling is the Most Popular Method of Fishing

There are many fishing methods being used in Finland, but perhaps the most popular is angling with a hook and line. That’s because it’s very easy, you can do it almost anywhere, and it can be very relaxing…as long as you don’t take fishing too seriously.

6. What is the Biggest Fish Caught in Finland?

According to the statistics of the Kalatalouden Keskusliitto (The Federation of Finnish Fisheries Associations) the biggest fish caught in Finland waters was a cod that weighted 29 kilograms. It was caught near Åland Islands in the Baltic Sea in 2022.

7. How About Fishing in Winter?

In Finland there is a long winter season. But luckily, winter is no problem for fishing. You just need a different fishing method. When lakes and rivers get frozen, Finns go ice fishing.

8. Do I Need a Fishing License?

If you just want to go angling with a hook and line, or enjoy ice fishing, you don’t need a fishing license. By paying the fishing management fee, you are allowed to go lure fishing using one rod, reel and lure. For any other fishing method, or if you are fishing with more than one rod, you’ll also need a permission from the owner of the water area. Visit Eräluvat website for more info about the fishing licenses in Finland.

9. Instead of Good Luck, Finns Wish “Kireitä Siimoja”

Wishing luck is believed to bring bad luck for fishing. So instead of wishing good luck, Finns say “kireitä siimoja” which means tight lines.

10. Ahti Gives

If you catch a fish in Finland, you might hear someone say “Ahti suo antejaan”. It means Ahti gives. Ahti is an old Finnish name, but what he has got to do with fishing?
In the Finnish national epic, Kaleva, Ahti is the god of water and fish. So when you catch a fish, a small thanks goes to Ahti.

Don’t Worry If You Didn’t Catch Anything

Of course it would be nice to catch something after all the hard work, but unfortunately this doesn’t happen every time. But does it really matter. For most Finns, fishing isn’t just about catching a fish. It is also about enjoying outdoors, visiting new places and spending great time with friends or family. So don’t worry if you didn’t catch anything…you’ll probably have better luck next time!

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Image by Jaakko Julkunen, 1993, Finnish Heritage Agency