Experience the Beauty of Autumn in Finland

Finland is an excellent place to enjoy the beauty of autumn, because it can be experienced anywhere in the country

beauty of autumn

Autumn leaves, autumn colors, fall foliage…there are many words you can use to describe this colorful season in nature. And if you come to Finland to enjoy the beauty of autumn, you’ll learn a new word for it.

In Finland the Beauty of Autumn is Admired as “Ruska”

If you visit Finland in autumn, you’ll most likely hear someone mentioning ruska. That’s the Finnish word autumn leaves. It is not known exactly where the word comes from, but the most likely origins are the sami words “ruski” and “ruske”. Ruska also sounds very similar to “ruskea” which is a Finnish word for brown.

However, brown is just one of the autumn colors, luckily. The bright shades of red, orange and yellow are the ones we all love so much on the leaves. But before we get to that point, it requires a little change in the weather.

Experience the Beautiful Shades of Red, Orange and Yellow

During summer the leaves are tree’s little food factories. The photosynthesis process takes place in the leaves containing chlorophyll. This gives the leaves their green color. But when autumn arrives, the photosynthesis process stops.

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, the trees start to prepare for winter. Now the chlorophyll breaks down abd the green color on the leaves disappears. This makes room for the yellow and orange pigments to come visible.

This is basically what causes the colors to change on the leaves. It is not known exactly what happens in the trees during autumn, but what is known is that temperature, light and summer rainfall all have some effect on autumn colors.

When the Ruska is at its Best in Finland?

Finland is an excellent place to enjoy the beauty of autumn, because it can be experienced anywhere in the country. But because Finland is a long country, it happens different time in different parts of Finland.

In Finland, the autumn colors can be admired in September and October. The ruska season, as Finns call it, starts in Lapland in early September. In southern parts of Finland, ruska can be experienced in late September and early Ocotober. But as said, this varies by the year.

Typically the best of ruska season lasts about two weeks, but diffrent trees and plants change their color bit different times. so even if you miss the best absolute moment, you still can enjoy the beauty of autumn as the nature slowly prepares for winter.

Remember to enjoy the best of autumn!

This amazing color exhibition in nature is open each fall and is without admission,
but unfortunately it is open only for a very limited time. So don’t miss it!

Finnish lake in autumn
Finnish lake in autumn

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