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Experience the Darkness of Kaamos in Lapland


How would you feel if the sun wouldn’t rise at all one day?
Well, I would be very worried….unless I’m visiting Finnish Lapland.

Because in Lapland this time of darkness is nothing to worry about. It’s actually something that that happens every winter. If you want to experience this amazing phenomenon, you should that the sun’s hiding games is known as kaamos in Lapland.

Experience the Darkness of Kaamos in Lapland

The reason the sun doesn’t rise is a natural phenomenon known as the polar night. When heading towards winter, the sun does not rise as high anymore. Until one day it remains completely hidden.

This day of darkness can be experienced every winter in Lapland in the regions above the Arctic Circle. The length of the phenomenon depends on how far north you are. At the Arctic Circle, the sun stays below the horizon for only one day. This happens on the winter solstice on December 21st (or 22nd).

But the further north you go, the longer the polar night lasts. In the northernmost parts of Finland, total darkness lasts 51 days.

It’s All Dark Then?

Although the sun does not rise above the horizon, the days are not completely dark. When the sun is at its highest, you can enjoy the reflection of sunlight, even if you can’t see the sun itself.

Especially with a clear sky, you can experience a special moment when the blue color of the polar night and the deep white snow cover meet. This is called the “blue moment”. Don’t forget to bring your camera, because the blue moment is a great time to capture some great souvenirs!

So don’t let the darkness scare you. Winter is a great time to visit northern Finland and experience the magical darkness of kaamos in Lapland!

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