10 Fun Facts about Helsinki

What do you know about Helsinki? It’s the Finland’s capital! That’s good start. Here are 10 more fun to know facts about Helsinki!

City of Helsinki

What do you know about Helsinki?
It’s the Finland’s capital!
Great, that’s good start.
Here are some more facts about Helsinki!

Fun Facts about Helsinki

1. Helsinki was Founded in 1550

Helsinki was founded in 1550 as a trading post.

2. Helsinki is a Seaside City

Located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki is a real seaside city. Helsinki has a shoreline of 131 km and there are 327 islands in Helsinki.

3. Helsinki is the Biggest City in Finland

With a population of almost 660 000, Helsinki is Finland’s biggest city. About 12 % of the Finns live in the capital city.

4. Helsinki became the Capital in 1812

Helsinki became the capital of Finland in 1812. Before Helsinki, Finland’s capital was Turku.

5. Helsinki is the Second Northernmost Capital in the World

After Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik, Helsinki is the second northernmost capital in the world.

6. the World’s Northernmost Metro is in Helsinki

Helsinki Metro, opened in 1982, is the northernmost underground railway network in the world.

7. Helsinki hosted the Olympic Games in 1952

Helsinki has hosted the Olympic Games once. The summer Olympic Games were arranged in Helsinki 1952.

8. Helsinki Day is celebrated in June

Helsinki Day is celebrated on June 12th.

9. Linnanmäki is the most Attraction in Helsinki

The most popular tourist attraction in Helsinki is the Linnanmäki amusement park with about million visitors a year.

10. Lux Helsinki Illuminates the Dark Winter

Lux Helsinki is an annual light festival that illuminates the city when the winter is darkest in Helsinki. With over half a million visitors, Lux Helsinki most popular event in the city.

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