10 Fun Facts about Lake Kallavesi

Kallavesi is a lake North Savo region.

Lake Kallavesi

Kallavesi is a lake in North Savo region. Here is more fun facts about Lake Kallavesi.

Fun Facts about Lake Kallavesi

1. Kallavesi is the 10th Largest Lake in Finland

Kallavesi is the largest lake in North Savo region and the 10th largest lake in Finland. Kallavesi covers an area of 478 km².

2. Kallavesi Surrounds the City of Kuopio

Kallavesi surrounds the city of Kuopio from almost every direction. It is important part of the area’s identity.

3. Kallavesi has Almost 2000 Islands

There are about 1900 islands on lake Kallavesi.

4. Maximum Depth is 86 Meters

Lake Kallavesi is quite shallow. The average depth of Kallavesi is just 9,7 meters. The maximum depth is 86 meters.

5. Deep Near the Horse’s Ass

The deepest point of Lake Kallavesi can be found near the island Hevonperä. The island’s name can be translated as horse’s tail or ass.

6. Important Waterway

Kallavesi has been an important waterway for industry in North Savo. Nowadays there is a lot of boat and ship traffic on lake Kallavesi during summer.

7. Beautiful Archipelago

Kallavesi archipelago is popular among fishermen, hikers and berry and mushroom pickers.

8. Popular Fishing Lake

Kallavesi is a popular lake for fishing. The most important game fish in Kallavesi are pike, pikeperch and perch.

9. Valuable Bird Conservation Site

The Kallavesi archipelago is a also valuable bird conservation site. Among others, there is a strong loon population and plenty of terns.

10. Have a Refreshing Swim

Kallavesi is great for wild swimming. The water is warmest in July. The average surface water temperature in July is about 18 °C.