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10 Fun to Know Facts about Winter Weather in Finland


Hope you like winter, because In Finland winter isn’t just one of the four seasons. It’s the longest season. Here are some fun to know facts about winter weather in Finland!

On average winter lasts about 100 days in Southern Finland and 200 days in Northern Finland (Lapland). So winter can be long and cold. But luckily not always. Except for those extremely cold and/or snowy days, winter weather in Finland is usually quite pleasant.

10 Fun to Know Facts about Winter Weather in Finland

  • Winter is the longest season in Finland. Winter lasts about 200 days in Lapland and 100 days in Southern Finland
  • In Lapland winter usually begins in October. In Southern Finland about a month later
  • Finnish lakes freeze usually at the end of November or early December
  • Coldest temperatures are experienced at the end of January
  • During the coldest days temperature can drop close to -50 °C in Lapland and in Eastern Finland. In Southern Finland coldest winter days can be -35 °C
  • Longest cold period ever recorded was in Sodankylä, in Lapland in 1985. Daily temperatures were below -25 °C for 26 consecutive days between 30.1.1985 and 24.2.1985
  • Coldest temperature recorded in Finland is -51.5 °C (January 28th 1999, Kittilä, Lapland)
  • In Lapland snow cover can be over 100 cm deep
  • The deepest snow cover recorded in Finland is 190 cm (April 19th 1997, Kilpisjärvi, Lapland)
  • Snow usually melts away between March and April. In Lapland you can sometimes find snow in May

Finnish Meteorological institute

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