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Finland is a Big Small Country


Why would you call Finland a big small country. Find out!

Is Finland a Large Country?

Yes, Finland is quite large if you compare it to the other European countries. With the total land area of 338,440 km² (131,991 square miles) Finland is the eight largest country in Europe. But compared to eastern neighbor Russia, which covers over 17 million square kilometers, Finland feels almost tiny. If not large, at least Finland can be called long. The longest distance from north to south is 1,157 km (717 miles). The greatest width from east to west is 542 km (336 miles).

Is Finland a Small Country?

Most of the Finns will probably answer yes, is you ask them if they think that Finland is a small country. Although distances are sometimes long, Finland still feels comfortably small for people living here. One of the reasons for this is the small number of inhabitants. Finland is home to just five and a half million people.

Is Finland a Northern Country?

Yes, Finland is definitely a northern country. It is one of the most northern countries in the world. If you haven’t found it on the map yet, I can’t blame you. You have to look from quite far north to find it. Finland’s capital Helsinki is actually the second northernmost capital in the world, second only to Iceland’s capital Reykjavik. Finland is one of the Nordic countries, together with Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Is Finland Sparsely Populated?

Yes, Finland is very sparsely populated. The average population density is just 18 inhabitants per km². In the capital region, which is home to almost 1.5 million people, there are about 170 inhabitants per square kilometer. While in the northernmost part of Finland, in Lapland, which covers one-third of Finland, the population density is just two inhabitants per square kilometer.

Is Finland Isolated?

Just by looking at the map you might think that Finland must be one of the most remote countries in the world. And with small number of inhabitants, Finland sounds like very isolated. But that’s not true at all. When you are in here, Finland feels anything but isolated. Here, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, sharing borders with Sweden in the west, Norway in the north and Russia in the east, Finland feels like a vibrant heart of the Northern Europe.

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