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Finnish Summer Theatre


After the long dark winter, Finns are eager to spend their summertime outdoors. Everything that is possible, is done outdoors; sports, cooking, work, even culture.

Summer theatre is an important part of Finnish summer culture. In 2017, there were around 400 summer theatres in Finland (source Summer theatre venues are traditionally outdoors and stages are located in beautiful places like parks, islands, old castles etc. The summer theatres are often run by local volunteers, bringing amateurs and professionals working together making summer theatre a whole community effort.

I had a chance to visit rehearsal of a classic Finnish play “Seitsemän Veljestä” played by Nurmijärven Kivi-juhlat r.y. Here are a few “clips” from the rehearsal.

Actors: Nurmijärven Kivi-juhlat r.y.

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