Finnish words for snow
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12 Finnish Words for Snow


Winter is the longest season in Finland, so snowy weather is just one of those thing you’ll have to get used to in Finland. And living with snow also means that you’ll have a large vocabulary of snow related words. Here are some Finnish words for snow.

When the first layer of snow covers the ground, it’s all fun and games. Nature looks beautiful and everyone is happy that winter is here again. But when it snows for days in a row and the snow cover just gets thicker and thicker… In those situations Finns have other words to to use. But let’s start with these nicer ones.

12 Finnish Words for Snow

  • lumi = snow
  • lumihiutale = snowflake
  • lumipeite = snow cover
  • hanki = a bit thicker layer of snow on the ground
  • kinos = snowdrift
  • puuterilumi = powder snow
  • tykkylumi = thick layer of snow accumulated on a tree branch
  • lumivalli = snow bank (a side of the road)
  • lumipenkka = another word for snow bank
  • polanne = very dense layer of snow (on road where cars have driven)
  • nuoskalumi = dense snow when temperature is close to 0 °C. Not as wet as slush
  • sohjo = slush, almost melted, really wet snow

Finnish Words for Snow Fall

  • lumisade = snowfall
  • räntäsade = snowfall (really wet snow)
  • lumituisku = snowstorm (heavy wind, light snowfall)
  • lumimyräkkä = snowstorm (heavy wind, heavy snowfall)
  • lumipyry = snowstorm (heavy snowfall)
  • lumimyrsky = blizzard
  • raekuuro = hail
  • Sataa jalkarättejä = snowfall with huge snowflakes. Finnish word “jalkarättejä” means footwraps. But when someone in Finland says “sataa jalkarättejä” it means it’s raining huge snowflakes

Snow Tools

  • lumilapio = snow showel
  • lumikola = snow scoop
  • lumiaura = snowplow
  • lumiharja = snow brush
  • lumilinko = snow blower

Snow Removal

  • lapioida lunta = to showel snow
  • kolata lunta = to use snow scoop
  • aurata lunta = to plow snow
  • luoda lunta = to clean or remove snow. The Finnish word “luoda” usually means to create. But when someone in Finland says “luoda lunta” it means he/she was cleaning or removing snow. Not creating snow

Things Built of Snow

  • lumipallo = snowball
  • lumiukko = snowman
  • lumilinna = snow castle
  • lumilyhty = snow lantern
  • lumienkeli = snow angel