How Hot is Summer in Helsinki?

Helsinki is a great summer city, but how hot is summer in Helsinki?

How hot is summer in Helsinki

How hot is summer in Helsinki?
To answer this question and nine more, here are 10 hot facts about summer in Helsinki!

How Long is Summer in Helsinki?

In Helsinki summer usually begins sometime in May and ends in September. Best summer months in Helsinki are June, July and August.

What is the Average Summer Temperature in Helsinki?

The average temperature in Helsinki during summer months (June-August) is 16.6 °C (based on the average temperatures 1991-2020).

What is the Hottest Month in Helsinki?

July is usually the hottest month in Helsinki. The average temperature in July is 18 °C (based on the average temperatures 1991-2020)

How Hot is Summer in Helsinki

The highest summer temperature ever recorded in Helsinki is 31,8 °C.

Are there Heat Waves in Helsinki?

Sometimes hot weather lasts for days in row. Longest heat wave was experienced in 2014, when the temperature was over 25 °C for 26 consecutive days between 18.7. and 12.8.

What has been the Hottest Heat Wave in Helsinki?

Another hot weather record was broken in 2014 in Helsinki region, when in Espoo temperature was over 30 °C for 6 consecutive days

Is Helsinki the Sunniest City in Finland?

Helsinki is one of the sunniest cities in Finland. On average there are 1130 hours of sunshine in helsinki between May and August (based on averages 1991-2020).

Does it Rain Much in Helsinki?

In summer, when the weather is hotter, it usually also rains a bit more. In Helsinki the average rainfall during summer is about 199 mm per month (based on average rainfall 1991-2020). On average there are about 7 to 10 rainy days during summer months. It usually rains a bit more during August than during June or July.

Are Summer Days Endless in Helsinki!

Almost. The longest summer day can be experienced on the summer solstice (21.6), when the day is almost 19 hours long in Helsinki.

When Summer Ends in Helsinki?

Summer in Helsinki usually ends in September. In late summer (16.8.-10.9.) hot days are rare, but not unusual. About once every four years you get to enjoy hot days also in late summer. Hottest year was 2002, when there were a total of nine days when temperature rose above 25 °C in late summer.

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