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How Many People Live in Helsinki?


Do you know how many people live in Helsinki?
Helsinki is Finland’s capital and also the most populated city in Finland!

How Many People Live in Helsinki?

So, how many people live in Helsinki? About 650 000. If you want to know exact number, it was 658 457 on December 31st 2021. Helsinki is slowly growing. The population of Helsinki increased by 0.2 % in 2021. With the population of almost 660 000, it means that 11.9 % of the Finland’s population live in Helsinki.

Here are some more facts about the “Helsinkians”. The average age of population is 41 years. There are a few more women than men. 52.4 % of the Helsinkians are women and 47.6 % are men. Finnish is the most common language. About 77 % speak Finnish as their first language. Swedish is the first language of 6 % and 17 % speak other language than Finnish or Swedish as their first language.

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Image by Jussi Hellsten, Helsinki Partners
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