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How Snowy is Finland?


Finland is located in Northern Europe. So you might expect that winter season is long and snowy in Finland. Winters in Finland are usually quite snowy. But how snowy is Finland really?
Here are 10 fun to know facts about snowy Finland!

When does the Snow Season start in Finland?

Finland is a long country, so winter arrives different times in different parts of the country. Usually Northern Finland (Lapland) gets to enjoy much longer snow season than Southern Finland.

The first snow falls on the ground usually in October and November. But not always. Sometimes snow comes early and sometimes a bit late. Especially in Lapland it is not unusual to see snow already in September. While in Southern Finland the snow cover might appear as late as in December or even in January.

How Long is the Snow Season in Finland?

In Southern Finland the snow seasons lasts about 3 months. For example in Helsinki the snow season lasts 97 days on average.

In Lapland the snow seasons lasts about 7 months. In Sodankylä (Lapland) snow season lasts 203 days on average. The longest snow seasons measured in Sodankylä was 229 days in winter 1968-1969. The snow fell to the ground October 5th and didn’t melt away until May 23rd.

Does it Snow a lot in Finland?

When it snows really heavily in Finland, the snow accumulation can be 35-50 cm. But on January 8th in 2016 in Merikarvia, it snowed 73 cm (29 inches) in just one day

How Deep is the Snow Cover in Finland?

The snow cover is usually deepest in the middle of the March, or early May. In Southern Finland the snow cover is usually 20-30 cm (8-12 inches). In Eastern and Northern Finland snow cover can be 60-90 cm (24-35 inches) thick.

How Deep was the Thickest Snow Cover in Finland?

The deepest measured snow cover in Finland is 190 cm (75 inches). It was measured in the municipality of Enontekiö, in Lapland on April 19th, 1997.

Is there any Snow in Helsinki?

Finland’s capital Helsinki gets a snow layer every winter, but sometimes the snow season can be very short.

The shortest winter in Helsinki was 2019-2020. It snowed couple of times during winter but the longest time the ground was white continiously was just 4 days. And the snow cover was just 3 cm (1 inch) deep at its best.

How Much Snow there is in Helsinki?

While there have been some very short winters in Helsinki, that’s not the case every year. Sometimes Helsinki gets its fair share of the snow as well. The thickest snow cover in Helsinki was measured March 3rd, 1941 when snow cover was 109 cm (43 inches) deep.

Is Finland Snowy all Year Round?

By summer, the snow melts away everywhere in Finland. Only on the higher peaks of Lapland can you find traces of snow in the summer. And sometimes it might snow on the peaks of Lapland in the summer, but this is quite unusual.

When Snow Season ends in Finland

In Southern Finland snow cover usually dissappears usually in March or April. In Lapland in May or June.

For example in Helsinki the snow melts away by around March 23rd, while in Sodankylä snow should be gone by May 15th, on average.

How Much Snow there is in Summer in Lapland?

Usually there isn’t much snow in the summer in Finland. Not even in Lapland. But sometimes snow stays on the ground longer, or arrives early.

The deepest snow cover measured in June is 85 cm (34 inches). This was measured in Kilpisjärvi on June 1st, 1997. The thickest snow cover measured in July is 3 cm (1 inch). This was measured in Enontekiö on July 6th, 1997.

And as mentioned, sometimes snow arrives early. The deepest snow cover measured in August is 12 cm (5 inches). This happened in Kittilä on August 31st, 1986.

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