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Do you love spending time out in the nature?
That’s great. You have come to the right place.
Because Finland is a land of national parks!

Finland is a land of lakes and forests, so you have are not short of options if you want to go for a little adventure and discover new exciting places in nature. But if you just want to enjoy the best Finland’s nature has to offer, the easiest way is to visit one of Finland’s national parks.

Because national parks (kansallispuistot in Finnish) are designed just for that; to enjoy beauty of nature. National parks are protected areas, but they are also for people. They are places where people get to all the great things nature has to offer. Within the parks there are most beautiful national landscapes but also cultural heritage sites.

Open for Everyone

National parks are established on state-owned lands and are open for everyone. The is no entrance fee or opening hours. However, there are some rules and regulations to make sure that you don’t cause any harm to the nature while visiting. And there are some restricted areas to protect the wildlife, but other than that, feel free to go hiking, skiing, rowing or canoeing. Parks have marked hiking routes, nature trails and biking routes.

You are free to pick berries and mushrooms (except in restricted areas). Campfires and camping are allowed in designated areas. Some parks have services like guiding, lodging and equipment rentals provided by local companies.

Finland has 41 National Parks

Currently There are 41 national parks in Finland. The first one was Pallas–Ounastunturi National Park which was opened in 1938. The newest is Salla National Park opened in 2022. It is situated in eastern Lapland and covers over 9,900 hectares.

Smallest National Park is Petkeljärvi with a size of 7 km². The Largest is Lemmenjoki, which cover 2 858 km². Find our more at www.nationalparks.fi/nationalparks

Lake in Nuuksio National Park
Nuuksio National Park

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