Family Fun: Linnanmäki Amusement Park

Do you know what Linnanmäki is? If you are new to this attraction, here are some fun facts about Linnanmäki!


Have you heard about Linnanmäki Amusement Park?
Everyone in Finland knows what Linnanmäki is, and many have also visited.
But if you are new to this attraction, here are some fun facts about Linnanmäki!

Linnanmäki is an Amusement Park

Linnanmäki is an amusement park in Helsinki. It is most likely the best known amusement park in Finland.

Linnanmäki is in Helsinki

Linnanmäki’s address is Tivolikuja 1, Helsinki. It is located on a hill in the Alppila district. The highest point of the hill is about 40 metres above sea level, and it is one of the highest places in Helsinki. The Alppila district was named after the Alps, although the 40 meter hill is not quite as high as the Alps.

Linnanmäki Amusement Park was Opened in 1950

Opened in 1950, Linnanmäki is the oldest amusement park in Finland. It was founded by six organizations working for child protection in Finland.

Named after a Water Tower

The name Linnanmäki, which could be translated as “castle’s hill”, comes from the water towers (built in 1867 and 1938) which were the first buildings on the hill. The two buildings are still there, but neither is used anymore as water towers. The red round building on top of the hill looked a bit like a castle, and so the place was known as Vesilinnanmäki (Water Castle’s Hill). When Linnanmäki was opened, the name stayed, but was shortened as Linnamäki.

Open During Summer

Linnamäki is open during summer. The fun season begins at the end of April. Linnanmäki is open every day during summer months, between early May and end of August. In the September and October the amusement park is still open, but has special theme weeks with different opening hours. Check the opening hours from Linnanmäki’s website.

The Most Popular Attraction in Helsinki

Linnanmäki is the most popular attraction in Helsinki. Although it is closed during winter months, Linnanmäki still gathers about million visits every year.

Fun for the Whole Family

In Linnanmäki there are about 40 rides for visitors of all ages. In additon to the amusement park rides, there are also games, cafes and restaurants. This is a must visit destination especially for the families visiting Helsinki.

The Wooden Rollercoaster

While Linnamäki unveils new rides and retires old ones almost every year, there is a one ride that is almost as old as the amusement park itself. Linnanmäki’s wooden rollecoaster, known as Vuoristorata, has been operating since July 1951. It is the oldest, but also the most popular ride in Linnanmäki.

Visit Also the Sea Life Helsinki Aquarium

Right next to Linnanmäki is the Sea Life Helsinki aquarium, where you can discover the exciting underwater worlds. Unlike Linnanmäki, Sea Life is open throughout the year. Check the opening hours from the Sea Life’s website.

Linnanmäki’s Special Theme Weeks

Linnanmäki likes to end it’s year with special theme weeks, which are a great way to enjoy the darkening evenings of Autumn in Finland. In recent years, September evenings in Linnanmäki have been dedicated to horror themed “iik!week”, while in October Linnanmäki celebrates the “Carnival of Light”, which brightens up the darkness of October. So Linnanmäki is great summer destination, but can be nicely intriguing also in Autumn.

For more information visit the Linnanmäki website!

Linnanmäki, Taiga ride, image by Jussi Vidberg

Images by Linnanmäki