Longest Bridges in Finland
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Top 10 Longest Bridges in Finland


Finland’s coastline is fragmented, as are the thousand’s of Finnish lakes. The huge number of capes, bays and islands means that building a road from one place to another isn’t always that easy in Finland. But although building the bridges over waterways is a time consuming and an expensive project, it also has advantages. Thanks to the many bridges taking a road trip in Finland is much more fun when there are beautiful bridges to cross. And there are also some big ones in Finland.

Top 10 Longest Bridges in Finland

  1. Raippaluodon silta (Replot Bridge), Korsholm, 1045m (1993)
  2. Tähtiniemen silta (Tähtiniemi Bridge), Heinola, 924m (1997)
  3. Kärkisten silta (Kärkinen Bridge), Jyväskylä, 787m (1997)
  4. Puumalansalmen silta (Puumalansalmi Bridge), Puumala, 781m (1995)
  5. Vekaransalmen silta (Vekaransalmi Bridge), Sulkava, 639m (2019)
  6. Lapinlahden silta (Lapinlahti Bridge), Helsinki, 599m (1965)
  7. Jännevirran silta (Jännevirta Bridge), Kuopio, 577m (2018)
  8. Mansikkakosken silta (Mansikkakoski Bridge), Imatra, 557m (1973)
  9. Laitaatsalmen silta (Laitaatsalmi Bridge), Savonlinna, 497m (2018)
  10. Tervolan silta (Tervola Bridge), Tervola, 494m (1975)

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