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Midsummer Magic – Try these Finnish Love Spells


Magic and love spells have been an important part of Finnish Midsummer traditions. In the old days bonfires were burnt to scare the evil spirits. Midsummer was also a tribute to ancient Finnish god Ukko, who hopefully blessed us with a good harvest.

Midsummer was believed to bring good luck also to love life. It was a popular time for weddings, and different kinds of spells were cast to see a glimpse of future fiance.

If you want to experience a little Midsummer magic yourself, here are some traditional Finnish Midsummer love spells to try. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee the outcome, but you never know for sure untill you try…

Finnish Midsummer Love Spells

Who gets married first?

When group of people stand by bonfire, in whose direction the smoke turns, gets married first

How many years to wait to get married?

If you hear a cuckoo in the forest, the number of times you hear it cuckoo, that’s the number of years it takes for you to get married. And if you don’t here at all, it might be this year…

Want to see your future fiance?

During Midsummer night, try peeking into a well or pond naked. You might see your future fiance’s face on the surface of the water.

Another traditional Midsummer love spell is to collect seven different flowers under the pillow. Do this and you might see your future fiance in a dream.

Good Luck in Marriage?

Rolling around naked in a meadow on a Midsummer night has been said to bring good luck in marriage.

How to Guarantee Fertility?

By placing birch branches on both sides of the door of the house in Midsummer is said to guarantee fertility.

Happy Midsummer…and good luck with love spells!

Thanks to Annika for being a model for the photo.