Learn Months in Finnish

Learning months in Finnish is quite an easy task

Months in Finnish

This time we’ll learn months in Finnish.
This is quite an easy task. Every month’s name in Finnish ends with the word “kuu”. So you just have to learn the short words tammi, helmi, maalis, huhti, touko, kesä, heinä, elo, syys, loka, marras and joulu. And add word kuu at the end. That’s it!

And remember that In Finnish language, months are written with lowercase letters.

Months in Finnish

  • January = tammikuu
  • February = helmikuu
  • March = maaliskuu
  • April = huhtikuu
  • May = toukokuu
  • June = kesäkuu
  • July = heinäkuu
  • August = elokuu
  • September = syyskuu
  • October = lokakuu
  • November = marraskuu
  • December = joulukuu

Month is “Kuukausi” in Finnish

  • month = kuukausi
  • months = kuukaudet
  • many months = monta kuukautta
  • in this month = tässä kuussa
  • last month = viime kuussa
  • next month = ensi kuussa
  • year = vuosi

Fun fact: The Finnish word “kuukausi” is a compound word made up of two words, “kuu” and “kausi”. Kuu is the Finnish word for Moon. And the word kausi means season. So the Finnish word for month means moon season. As the length of the month is based to the natural cycle time of the Moon, the Finnish word kuukausi is actually quite an accurate word for month.