More reindeer than people
Did You Know?

There are more Reindeer than People in Lapland


You probably knew that reindeer live in Lapland. But did you know that in Finnish Lapland there are more reindeer than people.

The population of Lapland is about 180 000, while the number of reindeer is around 200 000. So statistically there are better chances to meet a reindeer than another person in Lapland.

Where Can You See a Reindeer?

Reindeer are very social. Perhaps even more social than people. Because reindeer like to do everything together. They live, travel, eat and sleep together. So you hardly ever meet just one reindeer. There is usually a bunch. Or a herd as they are called. So if you see one reindeer crossing the road, be prepared that there might be others on their way. Remember this when driving in Lapland!

Another thing why you more likely meet people than reindeer in Lapland, is that reindeer prefer meadows and forests instead on villages and town. But as reindeer can roam freely almost anywhere in Lapland, it is not unusual to meet a reindeer even on a street corner.

But one thing is for sure. If you visit Lapland, you’ll most likely see a reindeer. Or better yet, a herd of reindeer!