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Finland is full of beautiful and interesting places. No matter where you travel in Finland, you will surely see something memorable. But what if you want to find places which represent Finland at its best. Places which Finns themselves value a lot. Then this list of 27 national landscapes of Finland might come in handy.

National landscapes were selected by the Ministry of the Environment in 1992. The selected 27 landscapes include popular nature attractions likes lakes, rivers and rapids, but also cultural and historical sites. All of these places have great symbolic value and widely recognised significance for the finns.

So now it’s the time to find out what Finland really looks like? Just pick your first destination from the list and start your adventure!

National Landscapes of Finland

  1. Helsinki Seascape
  2. Porvoonjoki River Valley and Old Porvoo
  3. Tapiola
  4. Snappertuna and Fagervik
  5. Antskog, Billnäs and Fiskars Ironworks
  6. Aura River Valley
  7. Archipelago Sea
  8. Sund, Åland
  9. Lake Köyliö
  10. Vanajavesi Lake Valley
  11. Lake Rautavesi   
  12. Tammerkoski Rapids
  13. Hämeenkyrö
  14. Imatrankoski Rapids
  15. Olavinlinna Castle and Lake Pihlajavesi
  16. Punkaharju Ridge
  17. Heinävesi Route
  18. Väisälänmäki
  19. Koli
  20. North Karelia Villages
  21. Kyrönjoki River
  22. Kvarken archipelago
  23. Hailuoto Island
  24. Oulankajoki River
  25. Aavasaksa ja Tornionjoki River Valley
  26. Pallastunturi
  27. Utsjoki River Valley
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