10 Fun Facts about Perch

Here are some fun facts about Finland’s national fish

What do you known about perch (Perca fluviatilis)?
It’s a fish?
And here are some more fun facts about perch.

10 Fun Facts about Perch

1. Perch is Common in Finland

Perch is not too picky fish. It thrives in lakes, ponds, rivers and coastal waters. Therefore perch are found throughout the country, with the exception of the northernmost part.

2. Perch is Easy to Recognize

Perch is quite easy to recognize thanks to its red fins and dark stripes on its side.

3. What Do Perch Eat?

Small perch eat zooplankton. As perch grows, it also eats insects, benthic organisms and other fish.

4. Perch is “Ahven” in Finnish

In Finnish, perch is called “ahven”.

5. Perch is Finland’s National Fish

Perch is Finland’s national fish.

6. Perch is a Common Catch in Finland

If you go fishing in Finland, your first catch might be perch. The total catch of perch by recreational fishermen is usually over 10 million kg (22 million pounds) a year

7. How to Catch a Perch?

The most common methods of fishing in Finland are angling with a hook and line, spinning, fishing net and ice fishing (in winter).

8. How Big is Perch?

Perch grows quite slowly. Perch can be 20 years old, weight 3 kg and be over 50 cm long. But if you catch a perch in Finland, most often the weight is less than 0.5 kg and the length is about 15 to 35 cm.

9. Finland’s Biggest Perch

The biggest perch caught in Finland weighted 2.87 kg. It was caught in the Åland islands in 2010.

10. Perch is a Tasty Fish

Perch is a great to eat. It can be fried, smoked or grilled. In Finland perch is also used for traditional food called “kalakukko”, which is a bit like a round rye bread filled with fish.

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10 Fun Facts about Lake Kallavesi

Kallavesi is a lake North Savo region.

Kallavesi is a lake in North Savo region. Here is more fun facts about Lake Kallavesi.

Fun Facts about Lake Kallavesi

1. Kallavesi is the 10th Largest Lake in Finland

Kallavesi is the largest lake in North Savo region and the 10th largest lake in Finland. Kallavesi covers an area of 478 km².

2. Kallavesi Surrounds the City of Kuopio

Kallavesi surrounds the city of Kuopio from almost every direction. It is important part of the area’s identity.

3. Kallavesi has Almost 2000 Islands

There are about 1900 islands on lake Kallavesi.

4. Maximum Depth is 86 Meters

Lake Kallavesi is quite shallow. The average depth of Kallavesi is just 9,7 meters. The maximum depth is 86 meters.

5. Deep Near the Horse’s Ass

The deepest point of Lake Kallavesi can be found near the island Hevonperä. The island’s name can be translated as horse’s tail or ass.

6. Important Waterway

Kallavesi has been an important waterway for industry in North Savo. Nowadays there is a lot of boat and ship traffic on lake Kallavesi during summer.

7. Beautiful Archipelago

Kallavesi archipelago is popular among fishermen, hikers and berry and mushroom pickers.

8. Popular Fishing Lake

Kallavesi is a popular lake for fishing. The most important game fish in Kallavesi are pike, pikeperch and perch.

9. Valuable Bird Conservation Site

The Kallavesi archipelago is a also valuable bird conservation site. Among others, there is a strong loon population and plenty of terns.

10. Have a Refreshing Swim

Kallavesi is great for wild swimming. The water is warmest in July. The average surface water temperature in July is about 18 °C.


These are Finland’s 10 Largest Lakes

In the land of the thousand lakes, which are the largest ones? Here is the top 10 of largest lakes in Finland

In the land of a thousand lakes, there is no shortage of lakes.
But which of the 168 000 are the Finland’s 10 largest lakes?

These are Finland’s 10 Largest Lakes

1. Lake Saimaa

With an area of 1377 km², Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland.

2. Lake Päijänne

Lake Päijänne covers an area of 1083 km² and is the second largest lake in Finland. It is also the deepest with the maximum depth of 95 meters.

3. Lake Inari

Lake Inari has an area of 1082 km².

4. Lake Pielinen

Pielinen covers an area of 894 km².

5. Lake Oulujärvi

Oulujärvi covers an area of 887 km².

6. Lake Pihlajavesi

Pihlajavesi covers an area of 773 km².

7. Lake Orivesi

Orivesi covers an area of 601 km².

8. Lake Haukivesi

Haukivesi covers an area of 560 km².

9. Lake Keitele

Lake Keitele covers an area of 498 km².

10. Lake Kallavesi

Lake Kallavesi covers an area of 478 km² and is the 10th largest lake in Finland.
Here are 10 fun facts about Lake Kallavesi.


10 Fun Facts about Finnish Lakes

Here are fun and interesting facts about Finnish lakes

Here are some fun and interesting facts about Finnish lakes.

Fun Facts About Finnish Lakes

1. Finland is the land of 168 000 Lakes

Finland is often called the land of a thousand lakes. In total there are 168 000 lakes in Finland (with size larger than 500 m²). If we count just the big ones, with a size one hectare or larger, than the number of lakes is 57 000.

2. Saimaa is the Largest Lake in Finland

Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland covering an area of 1393 km².

3. Päijänne is the Deepest Lake in Finland

Finnish lakes are fairly shallow, even the big ones. For example the average depth of Lake Saimaa is just about 10 meters. The deepest Finnish lake is Päijänne with a maximum depth of 95 meters.

4. Koddejärvi is at the Highest Altitude

Lake Koddejärvi in Enontekiö is at the altitude of 987 meters. It is at the highest altitude of the lakes in Finland.

5. Lappajärvi is the Largest Crater Lake in Europe

Lake Lappajärvi is the largest lake crater lake in Finland, and in Europe. It was created by a meteorite that hit Earth about 78 million years ago.

6. Lokka is the Largest Reservoir

In Finland there are also some man-made reservoirs. the largest is the Lokka reservoir in Lapland. It covers an area of 441 km².

7. Siedgaladdy in the Northernmost Lake in Finland

Siedgaladdu is the northernmost lake in Finland. It is located in Enontekiö, not far from the Finland’s northernmost point in Utsjoki.

8. Black Pond is the Most Common Lake Name

Mustalampi (= Black pond) is the most common name for a lake in Finland. Finnish word for lake is järvi. The most common lake name that includes the word järvi is Saarijärvi, which could be translated as island lake.

9. Riihilampi the largest “Pond” in Finland

In Finland there are some quite large lakes which are called ponds. Finnish word for pond is lampi. The largest lake in Finland that is called a pond is the Riihilampi in Liperi. It covers an area of 287 hectare.

10. Inari has the Most Number of Lakes

Inari municipality in Lapland has more lakes than any other Finnish municipality. In Inari there are a total of 8033 lakes. Inari is also the largest municipality in Finland which might explain its large number of lakes. One of these lakes is Lake Inari, which is the third largest lake in Finland.

Statistics Finland
European Network for Rural Development

How Many Lakes there are in Finland?

Do you know how many lakes there are in Finland? I can tell you it’s more than you might think!

Do you know how many lakes there are in Finland?
Do you want to guess?
I can tell you it’s more than you might think!

Even if we count just the big ones, with the size of one hectare or larger, there are 57 000 lakes in Finland. Bot a bad number to start with.

But that’s not all. If we count also the smaller ones, with the sizes of 500 m2 or larger, than the total number of lakes in Finland is 168 000. With this number Finland has easily earned it’s nickname Land of a Thousand Lakes.

Statistics Finland