10 Fun Facts about Perch

Here are some fun facts about Finland’s national fish

What do you known about perch (Perca fluviatilis)?
It’s a fish?
And here are some more fun facts about perch.

10 Fun Facts about Perch

1. Perch is Common in Finland

Perch is not too picky fish. It thrives in lakes, ponds, rivers and coastal waters. Therefore perch are found throughout the country, with the exception of the northernmost part.

2. Perch is Easy to Recognize

Perch is quite easy to recognize thanks to its red fins and dark stripes on its side.

3. What Do Perch Eat?

Small perch eat zooplankton. As perch grows, it also eats insects, benthic organisms and other fish.

4. Perch is “Ahven” in Finnish

In Finnish, perch is called “ahven”.

5. Perch is Finland’s National Fish

Perch is Finland’s national fish.

6. Perch is a Common Catch in Finland

If you go fishing in Finland, your first catch might be perch. The total catch of perch by recreational fishermen is usually over 10 million kg (22 million pounds) a year

7. How to Catch a Perch?

The most common methods of fishing in Finland are angling with a hook and line, spinning, fishing net and ice fishing (in winter).

8. How Big is Perch?

Perch grows quite slowly. Perch can be 20 years old, weight 3 kg and be over 50 cm long. But if you catch a perch in Finland, most often the weight is less than 0.5 kg and the length is about 15 to 35 cm.

9. Finland’s Biggest Perch

The biggest perch caught in Finland weighted 2.87 kg. It was caught in the Åland islands in 2010.

10. Perch is a Tasty Fish

Perch is a great to eat. It can be fried, smoked or grilled. In Finland perch is also used for traditional food called “kalakukko”, which is a bit like a round rye bread filled with fish.

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