35 Fun Autumn Outdoor Activities

Don’t stay inside. There are many fun ways to enjoy autumn outdoors.

Don’t stay inside. There are many fun ways to enjoy autumn outdoors. Here are ideas for fun autumn outdoor activities. Do you still have a good reason not to go out?

35 Fun Autumn Outdoor Activities in Finland

1. Enjoy Fall Foliage

When the temperature drops and the trees prepare for winter, the leaves turn yellow, orange and red. This is a great time to go outdoors and experience the beautiful colors of autumn.

2. Catch the First Rays of the Sun

Sunny mornings are a bit rare in autumn, so don’t miss any. Wake up early and catch the first rays of the sun. The good news is that in autumn days are getting shorter, so you don’t have to wake that early.

3. Taste the Morning Air

Have you ever noticed how fresh the air feels on an autumn morning after a cold night. The difference is amazing!

4. Enjoy Morning Coffee Outdoors

Enjoy your warm morning drink outdoors. A warm cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate tastes even better outdoors on a sunny morning.

5. Collect Colorful Leaves

Collect colorful leaves from the ground. Especially colorful maple leafes look amazing in autumn.

6. Create Seasonal Decorations

Colorful leaves, acorns and pine cones are great material to make inspiring seasonal decorations for home/garden.

7. Capture Autumn in Photos

Don’t forget you camera at home, because autumn is an excellent time for nature photography.

8. Have a Photography Contest with Friends

Have a photography contest with family or friends. Subject can be autumn colors, leafs, trees, animals, or anything you like. Who’ll have the best photo?

9. Visit Autumn Market

In Finland, you can visit autumn market in many towns between september and october.

10. Take a Walking Tour in the City

Take a short or long walking tour in the city and see how different the city looks when you’re in no hurry.

11. Have a Picnic in the Park

Why picnic should be only a summer thing. Autumn picnic in the park is a great fun.

12. Go Hiking in the Forest

Pack your backpack and head outdoors with family or friends.
And don’t forget the snacks!

13. Listen the Sounds of the Forest

Stop for a moment and listen the sounds of a forest. Is there anything more relaxing?

14. Go Berry Picking

Finnish forests are full of berries. Autumn is the season to pick healthy lingonberries and cranberries.

15. Mushroom Hunting Season is On!

Do you like mushrooms? The forest full of mushroom might be just around the corner…Happy hunting!

16. Make a Camp Fire

Sitting by a campfire is a surprisingly relaxing. In Finland there are many designated places where you can make a campfire legally.

17. Have a Soup Lunch Outdoors

Pack some warm soup in thermos and head outdoors. Warm soup with a freshly baked bread makes a great lunch on a chilly day.

18. Go for a Bike Ride

Finland is full of great cycling routes.

19. Explore Mountain Biking Trails

Finland is a bit short of mountains, but instead there are many beautiful mountain biking trails, also in the national parks.

20. Go Kayaking

Kayaking, canoeing, sailing or rowing…the choice is yours. If you don’t have your own kayak (yet), there are many places in Finland where you can rent one.

21. Go Camping

Or why not stay overnight in the forest. Pack some food, change of clothes, tent, and find your favorite camping site. Night are getting colder so don’t forget the sleeping bag either.

22. Go Fishing

Fishing is a great way to spend time outdoors. Who knows, you’ll might even catch something.

23. Go Birdwatching

Autumn is a great time for birdwatching. Many bied species migrate to south for the winter, while others prepare for winter. So remember to take binoculars with you.

24. Walk a Scenic Route by a Lake

Choose a scenic route by a lake. In a land of a thousand lakes, you’ll have plenty of options.

25. Dip Your Feet in Cold Lake Water

Dip your bare feet in cold lake water. After the first shock, it feels surpisingly relaxing.

26. Climb the Highest Hill

Find the nearest peak and climb to the top enjoy the scenery.

27. Go Creative

Be inspired by the colors of autumn and find your inner artist by and create some autumn inspired art. Make a sketch, drawing, painting or write a poem.

28. Design a Seasonal Yard Lighting

In autumn days are getting shorter, so it is nice to have some seasonal lighting in the garden.

29. Make a Scarecrow

Build your own scarecrow. It can be scary, funny or a bit mysterious.

30. Have a Yard Party

It’s not too late to invite friends over, and have an autumn or halloween yard party. Just dress up warmly, and make an escape plan for rainy weather.

31. Enjoy Outdoor Sports

There is still time to enjoy outdoor sports before winter (and winter sports).

32. Fly a Kite

Autumn’s windy weather is perfect for flying a kite.

33. Enjoy the Relaxing Sound of Raindrops

Does it feel like it’s raining all the time? Don’t let it get you down, take advantage of the situation. Go outside with an umbrella or a raincoat and listen the relaxing sound of raindrops.

34. Wait for the Golden Hour

Golden hour is the last hour before the sunset. That’s when the sun gives its most spectacular glow making autumn colors look even better!

35. Go Stargazing

Dark autumn evenings are not completely bad things, especially if you have waited all summer to go stargazing again.

10 Fun Facts about Fishing in Finland

Fun facts about fishing in a land of a thousand lakes

Fishing is a very popular sport in a land of a thousand lakes.
But did you know these fun facts about fishing in Finland?

10 Fun Facts about Fishing in Finland

1. Fishing Is Very Popular in Finland

Recreational fishing is very popular in Finland. There are about 1.5 million fishermen and fisherwomen in Finland, which means that about 27 percent of Finns enjoy fishing regularly.

2. In Finland it’s called “Kalastus”

In Finnish, fish is “kala” and fishing is “kalastus”. And when Finns go fishing, they say “mennä kalastamaan”. If you want to learn more Finnish words about fishing, check these articles; what is fish in Finnish and what is fishing in Finnish?

3. What Fish Species You Can Catch in Finland?

In Finnish waters, there are about 70 fish species, of which about 20 are fairly easy to fish. Some of the most common Finnish fish species are perch, bronze bream, pike-perch, salmon, pike, burbot, whitefish and vendace.

4. Perch is Finland’s National Fish

If you go fishing in Finland, there is a good chance that you’re first catch is a perch. Perch is very common in Finland. It is also the Finland’s national fish.

5. Angling is the Most Popular Method of Fishing

There are many fishing methods being used in Finland, but perhaps the most popular is angling with a hook and line. That’s because it’s very easy, you can do it almost anywhere, and it can be very relaxing…as long as you don’t take fishing too seriously.

6. What is the Biggest Fish Caught in Finland?

According to the statistics of the Kalatalouden Keskusliitto (The Federation of Finnish Fisheries Associations) the biggest fish caught in Finland waters was a cod that weighted 29 kilograms. It was caught near Åland Islands in the Baltic Sea in 2022.

7. How About Fishing in Winter?

In Finland there is a long winter season. But luckily, winter is no problem for fishing. You just need a different fishing method. When lakes and rivers get frozen, Finns go ice fishing.

8. Do I Need a Fishing License?

If you just want to go angling with a hook and line, or enjoy ice fishing, you don’t need a fishing license. By paying the fishing management fee, you are allowed to go lure fishing using one rod, reel and lure. For any other fishing method, or if you are fishing with more than one rod, you’ll also need a permission from the owner of the water area. Visit Eräluvat website for more info about the fishing licenses in Finland.

9. Instead of Good Luck, Finns Wish “Kireitä Siimoja”

Wishing luck is believed to bring bad luck for fishing. So instead of wishing good luck, Finns say “kireitä siimoja” which means tight lines.

10. Ahti Gives

If you catch a fish in Finland, you might hear someone say “Ahti suo antejaan”. It means Ahti gives. Ahti is an old Finnish name, but what he has got to do with fishing?
In the Finnish national epic, Kaleva, Ahti is the god of water and fish. So when you catch a fish, a small thanks goes to Ahti.

Don’t Worry If You Didn’t Catch Anything

Of course it would be nice to catch something after all the hard work, but unfortunately this doesn’t happen every time. But does it really matter. For most Finns, fishing isn’t just about catching a fish. It is also about enjoying outdoors, visiting new places and spending great time with friends or family. So don’t worry if you didn’t catch anything…you’ll probably have better luck next time!

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Image by Jaakko Julkunen, 1993, Finnish Heritage Agency