10 Fun Facts about Kuopio

What do you know about the city of Kuopio? Before you visit this great Finnish city yourself, here are some fun facts about Kuopio.

What do you know about the city of Kuopio?
Before you visit this great Finnish city yourself,
here are some fun facts about Kuopio.

Fun Facts about Kuopio

1. Where is Kuopio?

Kuopio is a city and a municipality located in the region of North Savo, about 340 km distance from Helsinki.

2. Kuopio is Surrounded by Lake Kallavesi

Lake Kallavesi is an important part of the city of Kuopio. It surrounds Kuopio from almost every direction.

3. Kuopio was Founded in 1775

Kuopio was founded in 1653, but Kuopio officially became a city in 1775 by the order of King Gustav III of Sweden.

4. The Name Kuopio Comes From…?

It is not known where the city’s name comes from, but there are a few theories. According to one theory, it is related to horses and comes from the Finnish word kuopia (=paw). Another theory was a traveling salesman named Prokopij who gave his name to this place. And the third explanation was a man named Skopa, who the locals called Coopia or Cuopio.

5. Kuopio is Finland’s 8th Biggest City

With the population of 122 000, Kuopio is Finland’s eight biggest city.

6. Kuopio is the Capital of Lakeland

Kuopio has named itself as the “Capital of Lakeland”. In total there are over 900 lakes in Kuopio municipality, so the name is well justified.

7. Kuopio is the Summer Cottage Capital of Finland

Kuopio municiapility could also be called the the summer cottage capital of Finland. There are over 10 800 summer homes in the area of Kuopio, which is more that in any other municipality in Finland.

8. Puijo is Kuopio’s Best Known Landmark

Kuopio is a very popular travel destination. The City’s best known landmark is the Puijo hill and the Puijo Tower on top of the Puijo hill. So it is one of the must-visit places in Kuopio!

9. Kuopio Market Square is the Centre of the Universe

Kuopio Market Square is called in Savo dialect as “Mualiman Napa”. Which means nothing less than the centre of the universe…

10. Kalakukko is is very Popular in Kuopio

And when you are visiting the centre of the universe, you should taste the kalakukko. Kalakukko is a traditional Finnish dish that is especially popular in Kuopio. It is a fish baked inside a loaf of rye bread. It might not be everyone’s favorite but you should taste one when in Kuopio!

+The Best Saying in Savo Dialect

The Savo dialect is full of funny sayings. Probably the best known, and one that works in every situation, is “suattaahan se olla vuan suattaahan se olla olemmattakkii”. This could be translated as “it might be or it might not be”. How wrong you can go with that?

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Image by Vicente Serra / City of Kuopio

10 Fun Facts about Lake Kallavesi

Kallavesi is a lake North Savo region.

Kallavesi is a lake in North Savo region. Here is more fun facts about Lake Kallavesi.

Fun Facts about Lake Kallavesi

1. Kallavesi is the 10th Largest Lake in Finland

Kallavesi is the largest lake in North Savo region and the 10th largest lake in Finland. Kallavesi covers an area of 478 km².

2. Kallavesi Surrounds the City of Kuopio

Kallavesi surrounds the city of Kuopio from almost every direction. It is important part of the area’s identity.

3. Kallavesi has Almost 2000 Islands

There are about 1900 islands on lake Kallavesi.

4. Maximum Depth is 86 Meters

Lake Kallavesi is quite shallow. The average depth of Kallavesi is just 9,7 meters. The maximum depth is 86 meters.

5. Deep Near the Horse’s Ass

The deepest point of Lake Kallavesi can be found near the island Hevonperä. The island’s name can be translated as horse’s tail or ass.

6. Important Waterway

Kallavesi has been an important waterway for industry in North Savo. Nowadays there is a lot of boat and ship traffic on lake Kallavesi during summer.

7. Beautiful Archipelago

Kallavesi archipelago is popular among fishermen, hikers and berry and mushroom pickers.

8. Popular Fishing Lake

Kallavesi is a popular lake for fishing. The most important game fish in Kallavesi are pike, pikeperch and perch.

9. Valuable Bird Conservation Site

The Kallavesi archipelago is a also valuable bird conservation site. Among others, there is a strong loon population and plenty of terns.

10. Have a Refreshing Swim

Kallavesi is great for wild swimming. The water is warmest in July. The average surface water temperature in July is about 18 °C.


Nature Destination: Koli National Park

Koli National Park is best known for it’s hills and breathtaking views. But the hills aren’t the only thing Koli has to offer.

Koli National Park is located in North Karelia, in eastern Finland. This national park is best known for it’s hills and breathtaking views. The view from the top of Ukko-Koli hill to Lake Pielinen is one of the best known landscapes in Finland. And is therefore also a very popular tourist attraction. Koli is one of the Finland’s national landscapes and has been inspiring both artists and tourists who have captured this amazing view in numerous paintings and photographs.

Facts About Koli National Park

Things to See in Koli National Park

As Koli is known for it’s hills, visiting Koli National Park requires a bit of climbing to. But let me assure, it will be worth it. The views from the peaks are amazing!

The best known of the Koli’s many hills is the Ukko-Koli. From the peak of Ukko-Koli opens up a amazing view to Lake Pielinen. The peak of Ukko-Koli reaches 354 metres above sea level and is 253 metres above the surface of Lake Pielinen. Ukko-Koli isn’t the only hill at Koli. There are also many others peaks worth visiting. For example Paha-Koli, Akka-Koli, Vesivaara and Mäkrävaara.

Although the breathtaking views are the best of Koli, they aren’t the only reason to visit. There is a Koli Nature Center Ukko, which is located close by the peak of Ukko-Koli hill. Koli National Park is located on the shores of beautiful Lake Pielinen, which is the fourth largest lake in Finland. And as this this a national park, it perhaps goes without saying that Koli has also many hiking trails to enjoy.

One of which is the Sataman polku (Koli harbour) nature trail. If you like climbing, this is the one for you. It is known to be the oldest marked nature trail in Finland and takes you from the shores of Pielinen up to the peak of Ukko-Koli.

Other interesting places to visit are the small waterfall called Tarhapuro, 33 metre long Z-shaped boulder cave named Pirunkirkko (Devil’s Church) and an ancient sacrificial site named Uhrihalkeama (Sacrifice Cleft).

Places to Visit in Koli

  • Breathtaking views from the peaks of the hills Ukko-Koli, Akka-Koli, Paha-Koli, Vesivaara, Mäkrävaara, Paimenenvaara, Jauholanvaara, Hirvivaara
  • Koli Nature Center Ukko
  • Tarhapuro waterfall
  • Uhrihalkeama (Sacrifice Cleft) ancient sacrificial site
  • Pirunkirkko (Devil’s Church) boulder cave
  • Lake Pielinen
  • Sataman polku (Koli harbour) nature trail

For more info visit Koli National Park website