Nature Destination: Nuuksio National Park

Would you like to visit a Finnish national park, but don’t have time to travel very far from Helsinki? Don’t worry. Nuuksio National Park is just around the corner!

Would you like to visit a Finnish national park,
but don’t have time to travel very far from Helsinki?
Then look now further.
Nuuksio National Park is just around the corner!

Facts About Nuuksio National Park

National Park in Helsinki Region

Nuuksio National Park really is a green oasis almost in the middle of the city. It is located in Espoo, which is right next to Helsinki. If you start your journey from the centre of Helsinki, it takes just little over half an hour to get there by car. So it’s very easy to reach.

But don’t let the short distance fool you. This isn’t just a small forest area inside the city. Nuuksio is so much more. Once you arrive to the hilly landscape of Nuuksio, you would think that you have traveled much further from the city. It’s so different in here.

In addition to the vast forest areas, there are over 80 little lakes and ponds in Nuuksio. There are also some rocky hills, which some of them can reach up to 110 metres above the sea level. So Nuuksio isn’t just about wandering through the forest. You can climb to the rocky hills to enjoy the amazing views and descend down the gorges. Just choose the trail of you own liking. But remember to follow the marked trails. Nuuksio is so large you can even get lost in here.

What to do in Nuuksio

Nuuksio offers wide range of possibilities how to enjoy nature. Most popular activity is of course hiking in the forest. There are a number of marked trails ranging from 2 km to over 10 km. And if you want to walk all the way from Helsinki, there is a 110 km long hiking trail starting from Laakso district in Helsinki which goes through the Nuuksio National Park.

There are also 30 km of cycling routes and 22 km of paths for horseback riding. Or why not explore the Lake Pitkäjärvi or Lake Haukkalampi by renting a canoe. And remember to take a towel with you, if you decide to take a dip in one of the lakes.

One popular attraction in Nuuksio is the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia. Haltia showcases local flora and fauna so it’s very easy way to learn about Finnish nature. In addition to the exhibitions, the Haltia building itself is interesting as it presents modern architecture combined with ecological solutions. It is the first public building in Finland built entirely of wood, while the heating and cooling of the building are powered by solar panels and geothermal pumps. Learn more about haltia by visiting

Nuuksio is Very Popular

As Nuuksio is located close to Helsinki it is easy to reach by over a million people in the Helsinki region. This means that Nuuksio has become a very popular destination. With over 300 000 visits a year, Nuuksio is Finland’s third most popular national park.

And its popularity is also its only bad things. It is great that people have found it, but unfortunately it can get a bit crowded sometimes. Especially on a weekends if the weather is fine. So if possible, try to schedule your visit for a weekday. Or perhaps visit in the evening. Summer evenings are warm and bright in Finland.

And even if you have visit during weekend, that’s no problem either. Once you have cleared off from the crowded parking lot and avoided most popular campfire sites, the trails are hardly ever very crowded. Here you get to enjoy the nature in peace and quiet, just as you planned!

Visit any Time of the Year!

But summer isn’t the only time to visit Nuuksio. Nuuksio offers completely different experience depending on the season. It looks amazing during autumn when you can experience the beautiful autumn colors. Or visit in winter and have an interesting experience hiking in the snow.

So whether you live in the Helsinki region or you are just visiting, Nuuksio is definitely one of the must-visit nature destinations! But before you go, check our guide to national parks!

Lake in Nuuksio National Park

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