These are Finland’s 10 Largest Lakes

In the land of the thousand lakes, which are the largest ones? Here is the top 10 of largest lakes in Finland

In the land of a thousand lakes, there is no shortage of lakes.
But which of the 168 000 are the Finland’s 10 largest lakes?

These are Finland’s 10 Largest Lakes

1. Lake Saimaa

With an area of 1377 km², Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland.

2. Lake Päijänne

Lake Päijänne covers an area of 1083 km² and is the second largest lake in Finland. It is also the deepest with the maximum depth of 95 meters.

3. Lake Inari

Lake Inari has an area of 1082 km².

4. Lake Pielinen

Pielinen covers an area of 894 km².

5. Lake Oulujärvi

Oulujärvi covers an area of 887 km².

6. Lake Pihlajavesi

Pihlajavesi covers an area of 773 km².

7. Lake Orivesi

Orivesi covers an area of 601 km².

8. Lake Haukivesi

Haukivesi covers an area of 560 km².

9. Lake Keitele

Lake Keitele covers an area of 498 km².

10. Lake Kallavesi

Lake Kallavesi covers an area of 478 km² and is the 10th largest lake in Finland.
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