What Finland is in Finnish
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What Finland is in Finnish?


What Finland is in Finnish?
Finns themselves call their country Suomi. It is not known exactly where this word comes from. One theory is that it is based on Finnish word “suo”, which means swamp. Although there are swamps in Finland, it sounds a bit negative to name the whole country a swamp. But no matter where the word comes from, Suomi is the name Finns have chosen for their country, and they are proud of it!

Here are a few words that can be useful to know when you start learning Finnish language.

What Finland is in Finnish?

  • Finland = Suomi
  • in Finland = Suomessa
  • from Finland = Suomesta
  • to Finland = Suomeen
  • Finn = suomalainen
  • Finns = suomalaiset
  • Finnish language = suomen kieli
  • in Finnish = suomeksi
  • Do you speak Finnish? = Puhutko suomea?
  • Are you from Finland? = Oletko Suomesta