What is the Shortest Finnish Word?

What is the shortest Finnish word?

The Shortest Finnish Word

What is the shortest Finnish word?
In Finnish language there are no one letter words, so we the winner is a two letter word, but which one. Because in Finnish language there are many two letter words. Here are some of them:

Finnish Two Letter Words

  • ja = and
  • jo = already
  • on = is
  • ei = no
  • yö = night
  • se = it
  • me = we
  • te = you (plural)
  • he = they

The Shortest Finnish Word is…

So, in Finnish language there are many words which have just two letters. In principle all of these are the shortest words. But if we want to find just one clear winner, we have to tighten the rules of the competition a bit.

If we leave out pronouns, verbs and filler words, we have much fewer candidates left. Actually just one. And that word is yö. Which is a Finnish word for night. So, the winner of our unoffical competition for the shortest word in Finnish language is yö!

If someone finds a better, or as good two letter Finnish word as a candidate for our competititon, we’ll have a rematch!