Why Autumn is the Best Season in Finland

How do you feel about autumn? Do you think autumn is the best or do you wish it would be over and waiting for a winter already?

Autumn is the Best Season

-Autumn is the best seasons in Finland!
-Absolutely, if you don’t mind about a little rain, wind, cold weather, less daylight…
-Okay, if you put it like that it for sure sounds bad, but there is always another side of things.

Autumn Weather in Finland

As mentioned, the autumn weather can sometimes be quite unpleasant. No one really likes rain and wind, and during autumn there are more than enough those rainy days when you just would prefer to stay indoors. But foortunately, it’s not like that all the time.

The statistics by Finnish Meteorological Institute reveal that it actually rains less in autumn than it does during summer. Perhaps we just don’t notice warm summer rain so easily, or consider it as annoying. Statistics also reveal that it does wind a bit more in autumn compared to summer, but not as much as during winter.

Autumn isn’t all just rain and wind. There are also plenty of sunny days. Weather isn’t as hot as summer, but sun still feels warm in early autumn. And after all “lämpötila on vain pukeutusmiskysymys” as Finns would sayn meaning temperature is just a matter of clothing. When it gets cold, you just put on an extra layer of clothing.

Why Colder Weather is a Good Thing?

And cold weather isn’t all bad. Now you have a perfect excuse to wear your woolly hat. And wearing a warm sweater and wool socks indoors is again perfectly fine. And when you need a little break, you can hide under a thick blanket on a sofa and take a little nap.

Autumn is also a great season to spend time outdoors. Have you ever experienced how fresh the air feels in autumn? If you haven’t, you are missing a lot. It is amazing. The air feels like it’s inviting you to go outdoors. And when the nights get colder, the nature also reveals the beautiful autumn colors. So there is a one more reason to go outside.

Go riding a bike, hiking in the forest, picking mushrooms or animal watching as they prepare for winter. These are just a few ideas. And after a couple of active hours outdoors, it’s time for a lunch. You won’t believe how good a warm soup tastes when weather is chilly.

Is Autumn the Best Season?

In a land of four seasons, it is a tight competition which season is the best.
How do you feel about autumn?
Is it your favorite or are you waiting for a winter already…

Autumn in Finland

Finnish Mereorological Institute